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Background: All the tours listed with ECO4X4AFRICA are self camping tours and that have a specific meaning. Many people on safari are from South Africa but there are more Guests from other countries who want to go on safari in Africa and therefore we have a plan in place to serve those requirements, to make the holiday as pleasant as possible. Most of the time foreign guests must buy camping equipment, to be self sufficient while on Safari and afterwards the have to give the items away, for free, to somebody they don’t even know. Eco4x4africa got 5 4x4’s Rental vehicles for safari purpose and 5 sets of camping equipment available for rental if you need to rent. You can rent anywhere and still go with us on safari, you don't have to rent from us.

Always remember our motto“WE DON’T SELL SAFARIS – WE DO SAFARIS” – Guided or alone! Definitions:
1. Selfcamping – you are in any situation – self sufficient and don’t need anybody or anything to help you while you are on safari with ECO4X4AFRICA in Africa
2. Price – that is what you will pay if you do a self camping safari tour with ECO4X4AFRICA
3. 4x4 Rental – that means the vehicle and a rooftop tent with all bedding in the tent for sleeping. Vehicle rental is not included under Price
4. Camping equipment – that means all the other things you may need to be self sufficient and that is not included in a standard 4x4 Rental agreements.
5. Extra items – That is those additional special items a guest may need for a more comfortable safari but paid for by the guests
6. Extra service – That is that special service a Guest may need while on safari, to be total comfortable and on the bases of
   “The Guests want ECO4X4AFRICA to do everything for them and they pay for the service”

A total Safari comprise of 4 elements(1) Tour Price (2) Vehicle (3) Camping equipment (4) Food and Water 
THE FOLLOWING IS INCLUDED IN THE STANDARD “PRICE” AND “SELFCAMPING” TOURS.(Assuming you got everything else of your own)(Vehicle, Camping equipment and Food)
1. Two (2) meals a day – Breakfast or Brunch in the mornings and Dinner in the evenings
2. Fruit on the service table with the meals
3. Juices / Coffee on the service table with meals
4. The entrance fees to the National Parks as listed in the itinerary
5. All the fees payable for campsites as a night stopover / accommodation
6. Fees for visiting other places as listed in the itinerary (if any)
7. A map of the area where we are going
8. Radio communications between the vehicles if needed and for the discretion for the convoy leader
9. Navigation and guidance on the route and in the National Parks
10. Nature and wildlife guidance by a registered guide (Alex Reg nr GP2227)
11. Level 1 medical support and advice on malaria
12. Guidance on local area’s and issues
13. Training on animals, birds and flora in the specific area
14. Help you with your “water” plan during the safari  Bottled water - you buy your own before the safari   Drinkable water as available in the area – where and when Washing water as available in the area – where and when  Compulsory reserve water – always minimum of 10 liter in your vehicle
15. Adhere to National Parks rules and regulations
16. The safety and security of the Guests but with Indemnity signed by the Guests 
1. Everything not listed on the “INCLUDED” list!
2. Medical rescue, medical transport, medical evacuation but First Aid
3. Any cool drinks, beer or liquor
4. Any additional trips like – boat cruise, game drives, etc
5. Any service or item that is not listed  See next pages for Guests who don’t have their own Vehicle or Camping equipment